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Nosoapradio FAQ

All songs free for personal and commercial use in games/video.
How to use the search feature?:

Choose one or more checkboxes to search for those tags. The results
Will include all songs with that included those tags, with the highest
matches at the top.

You can use any combination of tags; they are only separated into
Categories for ease of use.


All songs copyright 2010-2011 Deceased Superior Technician.
Songs were made using FLStudio version 9 and encoded using LAME mp3 encoder.

Songs contain no unlicensed samples. All songs are free to use in videos and video games, both free and commercial. Songs may not be redistributed or sold.

This collection is comprised of songs that I feel might be good for your game. If you have no music, 'borrowed' music that you don't own copyright to, or bad music, you can use these to upgrade the music in your game. You do not have to put a link in your credits; though i would appreciate it if you did. Thanks, and Enjoy! -DST

Q: Can I sell a game that uses this music?
A: Yes, you can use it for commercial games, and sell your game.

A: You can do any one of these three things:
1. Post a link to on any page containing your project/game/video.
2. Put 'dst' in the audio credits of your game/movie. Example: Music by: DST. Or Additional Music by DST.
3. If you are redistributing the MP3 as part of your download, simply keep the ID3 tags intact. This is only for mp3's downloaded to a directory as part of a game installation.

Q: May I add these songs to my own 'free games music' resource or website?
A: Yes, you can. You must also post a link to this site.

Q: My I hotlink to these files?
A: No.

Q: Do these tracks loop seamlessly?
A: Most of them do. Many aren't meant to, such as ending credits type music.

Q: How often is this page updated?
A: New tracks are constantly being added!

Q: Why is your name Deceased Superior Technician?
A: The name is originally a quote from the Sci-Fi comedy "Red Dwarf". I feel it
has a good second meaning as a tribute to great minds of the past, like
Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Borodin.

Q: What software has gone into the making of this music website?
A: Audio software:
Website software:
  • Mp3 Tag v2.48
  • DST xspfLister
  • Notepad++
Graphics software:
  • Inkscape
  • Gimp
Audio VSTs
  • Synth 1
  • Tal Noisemaker
  • Tal-U-No-60
  • DSK Overture
  • P8 SuperWave
  • ProtoPlasm free
  • Oatmeal
  • Endorphin

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